The Group receives a number of awards at the Zhejiang High-quality Development Conference of Manufacturing Industry

Time:2021-04-01 15:53:23

On March 26, the Zhejiang High-quality Development Conference of Manufacturing Industry was held at Zhejiang People's Great Hall. Yuan Jiajun, the Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province, Zheng Shanjie, the Vice Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Governor of Zhejiang Province , and other major leaders attended the conference. Yuan Jiajun stressed  at the conference that the strategy of building a world manufacturing power should be fully implemented, and with high-quality development as the main objective, the transformation of manufacturing industry from a labor-intensive pattern to an innovation-driven pattern should be accelerated and Zhejiang province should develop the competitive advantages through high-quality development, competitiveness improving and modernization。

Honors and awards were granted to the leading manufacturing enterprises, including “future factories”, the provincial industrial internet platforms, “Eagle Plan” enterprises, champion manufacturers, professional, sophisticated, special and creative “giant” enterprises, “Hidden champion” enterprises, leading enterprises in per-acre yields, pioneer enterprises using major technology equipment, the high-development manufacturing pilot zones, the excellent high-development manufacturing pilot counties, cities and districts. The Group was awarded as an “Eagle Plan” enterprise, Windey was awarded for taking the lead in per-acre yields in Zhejiang province, and Huachang was awarded as “Hidden Champion” enterprise.

Several honors and awards were conferred on the Group at the Zhejiang High-quality Development Conference of Manufacturing Industry, which represents the wide recognition of the Group’s leading position in the industry, brand value and comprehensive strength. The Group has always taken technology-driven machinery and electrical manufacturing as the constant driving force for high-quality development. With “Two-fold Growth” plan and “Double First-class” construction as the objective, the Group has started a new journey for high-quality development, contributing more to speed up the construction of an advanced global manufacturing base in Zhejiang province.